Shipping and Delivery

Our main focus is the fastest shipping and delivery possible. For a list of districts that we deliver to and our charges, you may select your item and proceed to the checkout page as charges are based on weight & Volume. Upon entering your delivery details, we will auto calculate the delivery charges based on your given address without the need for payment or regulation. We understand that you want your items as soon as possible, so with two options for delivery at hand, there’s no need to wait around!

Inside Dhaka

We have the fastest product delivery options inside Dhaka. We provide hands-on delivery to our customers within 5 working days. It might vary depending upon some circumstances. However, it will never exceed 5 days as Zangmart is strictly bound to Government rules of the delivery process inside Dhaka. Delivery might be delayed due to major problems like political unrest, political events, national/public holidays, or official holidays. But some offer delivery time frames are always maintained with awareness. In this case, some easy terms and conditions are applied here.

Outside Dhaka

Like Capital City, we also provide the fastest delivery option outside Dhaka. It takes mostly 10 working days to reach you from the time of order. It might vary depending upon some circumstances as well. But it will never exceed 10 days as Zangmart is strictly bound to Government rules of the delivery process outside Dhaka. Several political events, national/public holidays, official holidays, road or transport difficulties, weather, etc can affect the delivery time frame. But we are always aware of our delivery schedule as well as customer satisfaction.

Free​ Delivery

We offer a free delivery service on the occasion of large purchases and when the company promotes gifts or free offers. We also promote offers during holy festivals and special national events. Under some terms and conditions, this service is applicable for retail customers and not for wholesale agents/customers.

Delivery failure problem

If any delivery failure occurs due to customer negligence, shipping address missing, or any other reason from the customer end then the customer is bound to pay the return courier charges as well as the redelivery charges. However, if a delivery failure occurs by the courier
service authority then Zangmart is not liable for that. But Zangmart is always obliged to help their customers by following the rules and by urging courier service for prompt delivery.

Product price and product stock

Product stock depends on the price of each product and whether the product is available. If the product is not available, Zangmart will notify you very quickly and suggest similar and alternative products. Completed orders can be canceled if required. Order can even be canceled after placing. If advance payment is made then refund will be refunded according to the refund policy.

Zangmart reserves the right to discontinue, change, or modify any offer or service at any time, if necessary, and will not be liable to anyone for the change.

Order cancellation in case of Special offer

In case of any special offer, Zangmart by regard has the right to cancel the order made by any dealer, distributor, wholesaler or importer.

Zangmart office pickup

If you’re looking for a great way to pack your groceries, then look no further than! With our pickup service available during office time 4 pm to 7 pm – we can guarantee that all orders placed will be ready on time with minimal hassle. Just give us a call to schedule an office pickup by dialing 01713048477.

Return and Refund Policy

Zangmart maintains the return policy with great regard as we always think of the happiness of our customers. We have a return policy of within 5 days for inside Dhaka and 7 days (maximum) for outside of Dhaka. The return policy is applicable to the products if they meet certain criteria i.e.
If the product is damaged before being received by the customer.
If the product was not the item that was ordered.
Some faulty items will be accepted up to the manufacturer’s warranty terms.
In the case of size or color preference, if you don’t like the item the product can be changed one time for free after you pay the return delivery charge or bring the product to our office.
If it’s required to change the product more than one time then an additional charge of 20% of the product value may be applied.
However, If the time period is crossed by 5 days inside Dhaka and 7 days outside Dhaka, the item will not be taken back and Zanmart will not be held liable for it. Customers are requested to contact our customer care team as soon as possible for the return of uncalled products.
Zangmart reserves the right to refuse an exchange or refund for the following conditions:
If goods are not returned in a saleable condition or are damaged by the customer.
Medicines, food, personalized gifts, or cosmetics products that have been opened cannot be refunded or exchanged.
If the customer doesn’t have the money receipt then Zangmart will refuse to accept the return of the product.
Zangmart is always good to offer a Full refund but must follow the refund rules provided by the Bangladesh Government. If a customer cancels his/her order within 2 hours, then within 72 hours Zangmart will send the refund request to the specific Payment Gateway. The Payment Gateway will soon provide a money refund to the customer after checking whether it fulfills the e-commerce rules and laws. If any delay occurs due to any technical error by the Payment Gateway System, Zangmart will hold no liability for that.

If any product is damaged or lost by the fault of courier service then the customer will have to wait till the courier service provides recompense. Customer / Merchant / Reseller will get financial recompense to the bank account number or the mobile bank number from which they have paid before. However, if he/she wants to change the bank account number or phone number, he/she will have to provide full information by email first. Zangmart will take no responsibility for wrong information provided by a customer.

Replacement and warranty policy

Zangmart always provides its customers with all original products. Many of the products come with a brand warranty and some of them don’t. If there is any warranty for any specific product, it should have been clearly written on the Website, on the invoice, or may have a valid warranty card for the different time period. However, the replacement warranty is valid for one time only.

Here are some cases where a customer holds his/her right to get a replacement if there is an issue such as-

  • Manufacturing fault
  • Any kind of physical damage
  • Any kind of burn issue or something similar
  • A product not with the main software
  • Product with warranty void stickers

Exchange / Return policy

The products may be in limited stock for sale at times so return and exchange facilities will only be processed as per our return policy. Zangmart always tries to provide color details of the original image of the product. However, the color or size of the product may vary depending on the user’s device settings, device model, color calibration, etc. In this case, if you wish, you can return the product in a proper condition in accordance with our replacement and warranty policy.

Zangmart reserves the right to change the price of the limited stock and change the color without any notification for special reasons. Any type of discount that reduces the price of the product via coupon code, promo code, buy one get one free, free gift offer, various discount offers, cashback offers, signup offers – such all discount offers after the order is successful, there will be no exchange, return and refund.

Authority’s Order canceling Policy

  • ZangMart always sells original and authentic products. Therefore, Zangmart has the right to cancel the order of a product that is received from the authorized company and later on found any problem in the quality store before delivery.
  • We want to give our customers the best experience. That’s why Zangmart has the right to cancel or partially cancel the order when a product is out of stock.
  • Some product stocks are not understood in advance. Unexpected inventory problems, website management problems, other unexpected problems, or sudden increase in demand for a product may result in unexpected stock outages and any excess orders may be canceled and refunded.

Promotional advertisement

Only the main content of the offer will be written on the content of the promotional SMS or the banner of the offer. Detailed terms and conditions will be mentioned on the website. Therefore, prior to ordering for the offer, it is requested to take a good look at the trams and conditions. Zangmart reserves the right to modify, change or cancel any issue at any time through its official Facebook page and website.